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Date: November 3 to 10, 2011

2.    Venue: Beijing, Tianjin and Nanning

3.    Background
In order to celebrate the China-ASEAN Friendly Exchange Year at the 20th anniversary of the China-ASEAN dialogue relations, and to further implement Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s proposal at the 11th China-ASEAN Leaders Meeting concerning China will continue to invite ASEAN youth to visit China to participate in exchange and dialogue programs including China-ASEAN Youth Camp, Summer Camp, Young Entrepreneurs Forum, etc., the All-China Youth Federation would like to invite 100 ASEAN youth to visit China and participate in exchange programs in November, 2011. 

4.    Organizer
All-China Youth Federation

5.    Theme
Friendship and Win-win Cooperation
— celebrating the 20th anniversary of the China-ASEAN dialogue relations

6.    Participants
1)    Ten youth delegates from each ASEAN member country are invited. Each delegation shall include 1 senior official on youth affairs as delegation head, 1 executive assistant and 8 young journalists.
2)    Two observers from ASEAN Secretariat are also invited to participate.
3)    Except the delegation head, participants should be between 18 to 35 years old, healthy both physically and psychologically, able to communicate in English and participate in the whole program.

7.    Expenses
The organizer will be responsible for buying the round-trip international air tickets for participants from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Other delegates are required to arrange and pay for their own international flights.
The organizer will provide all delegations with local hospitality, including food, accommodations and local transportation during the event. For accommodation, the delegation head will be accommodated in a single room, while other delegates will share twin room by two persons.

8.    Registration
The national youth focal point in each ASEAN member country is expected to select the participants and submit the registration forms by November 3, 2011.

9.    Parallel Activity
An Essay Contest will be organized among the participants.
1)    Topic: China-ASEAN (or an ASEAN member country) relation in my eyes;
2)    Language: English;
3)    Time duration:Up to November 3, 2011;
4)    Award: at most 10 essays will be selected and awarded as Excellent Essays, which will be published on the China Youth Daily, China Youth On-line or China Youth Connection, and other newspapers and websites. The writers will be invited to visit China again in 2012.
5)    Requirements: Each delegation shall submit at least 5 essays before November 3, 2011.

10.    Program Outline
November 3 / Thursday   Arrival in Nanning and Registration
Welcome party, opening ceremony, seminars and field visits 
November 5 / Saturday   Go to Tianjin by airplane in the evening
Exchange program and field visits 
November 7/ Monday   Go to Beijing by high-speed railway in the evening
Meetings, exchange program, field visits and farewell party
November 10/ Thursday  Return trip 

11.    Contact
Ms. ZHENG Fang and Ms. ZHAI Qi
Tel:+8610 85212511/85212150        Fax:+8610 85212059/67018131

Deadline for applications is on October 26, 2011

Download Registration Form

Note: The invitation for this particular program was received only last October 21, 2011

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